Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Managing Job Loss

Free Information Night on Managing Job Loss
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Secret Valentine Bookmarks

East Elementary's Student Council raised $22 with their Secret Valentine Bookmarks on February 13th! Students were invited to purchase a rose bookmark for 25 cents and put the name of their secret Valentine on the back. Student Council delivered the rose bookmarks to the lucky recipients at lunch that Friday. 

We are very happy to donate this money to the Leduc and District Food Bank!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Natural Consequences

Last night, my dog was barking and growling at us in our house.  Binx, our dog,  has recently learned that this behavior may sometimes result in me taking her out for a run or a walk. Unfortunately, this can also be a little unnerving since Binx is a rather large lab/pitbull cross.  Well, rather than give in to our crazy hound last night, my boys and I decided that if she would bark or growl at us, we would give her a bath, which she truly dislikes.  Shortly after dinner, Binx started to bark, howl, and growl at us so we hauled her up to the bathtub and had a merry old time bathing her for about 20 minutes. Once she escaped the bathroom, smelling like wet dog (which I still cannot understand since we used so much shampoo), she retreated to her dog bed where she rested quietly for the rest of the night.

The exciting dog bath adventure reminded me of something that often applies to life in general, which is that our behavior often predicts the reaction of others.  The web definition of Natural Consequences states that: 

Natural consequences are outcomes that happen as a result of behavior that are not planned or controlled (Pryor & Tollerud, 1999). For example, if a student cuts in front of another student in line, the natural consequence may be that the other child won’t play with the “cutter” at recess. A teacher did not plan or control this consequence, but he or she may discuss and help students predict natural consequences to encourage them to see the connection between their choices and what happens to them.

I believe that teaching our students to become more reflective and identify the link between their own behavior and how others treat them is one of our most important roles as educators.   Throughout the year we will continue to work on this at East Elementary and at my home, I will continue to convince my dog that growling at me is a bad idea.  Have a great week everyone. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lego Contest Winners

Congratulations to Reese in Grade 6 and Kaycee in Grade 2 for their amazing Lego creations! Mrs. Hicks gave each of our winners a special Lego book. Thanks to everyone who participated and worked hard building at home--it was difficult for our judges to choose the winners.